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Local Esthetician at the 2012 Oscars


My Oscar Experience - February 2012:

Many of you have asked “How did you get to go to the Oscars?” Now that the glam and glitter has settled, I’d like to share with you how I was able to give Facial Treatments to the Celebrities.


At that time, Laboratoire Dr Renaud (LDR) was the exclusive skincare line chosen to offer their products, knowledge and hands-on treatments to the Celebrities at this Pre-Oscars event. The celebrities booked appointments with the Event coordinators to receive facials & try the products.  When I first opened Urban Bliss Spa in 2004 I was really thrilled that LDR had picked me to join their executive team in this once in a lifetime opportunity. It was like winning the lottery!


The company provided an all-expense paid trip for two along with $500 spending money! Once we arrived in Los Angeles on February 22nd, we checked into the Beverly Hilton Hotel where our lovely room on the 6th floor (overlooking the pool), was waiting. Along with that, the weather was gorgeous and warm so that alone was certainly a welcoming change. What I didn’t expect were the phone calls from some of our local newspaper reporters. This was a surprise but afterwards we finally settled in, we were able to spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the Vitamin D from the sunshine.


The following day I was escorted to the Penthouse suite at the Hotel where I spent most of the day meeting several Celebrities. From John Schneider, Colin Ferguson, Marina Sirtis to Susan Santiago and many other young MTV personalities & actors. The suite was beautifully decorated to give each Guest that Spa experience. When the Guests arrived, they were given a brief consultation and a gift bag filled with innovatively advanced skincare products researched & developed by the Scientific Team at LDR. 


I really wanted to bring back a memorable experience to all my clients so I volunteered to assist the Team. I was scheduled to treat the Celebrities so when they each arrived, I greeted them as if they were any one of my clients coming to my Spa. I can say that everyone was extremely grateful and friendly. Matthew Scott Montgomery had a nice snooze, Drew Seeley meditated while rehearsing his lines for an audition, and Barbara Alyn Woods (with her 4 year old daughter Alyvia) enjoyed a Mom/Daughter dual facial treatment. This was followed by a warm “thank you” hug by both! Everyone I met said they love Vancouver and asked me for my business card, promising they would call next time they came to our lovely city.


After an exciting day of mingling with the Stars, I enjoyed a lovely glass of wine at the beautiful Beverly Hilton lounge where I met Jenisa Washington, the wife of Isaiah Washington from Grey’s Anatomy. We were seated beside each other and we chatted like old friends (did I mention how friendly everyone was?) and shared a few stories and laughs before she left to go to the “theatre” to see Isaiah perform in a play.


That same evening we were treated us to dinner at the Sur Restaurant, owned by Lisa Vanderpump, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We all shared our stories about who we met and spoke to that day. The team thanked me for helping them and contributing my time and expertise to the whole event. This is something I will remember forever – thank you Laboratoire Dr Renaud for making this happen!




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