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Welcome to our quiet space. At Urban Bliss Wellness Spa, we want everyone's experience to be a positive one.  Just like other businesses, there are certain protocols we require for the safety of our staff and for all our visitors. 



The safety of our Team, clients and visitors is taken very seriously. Any threats, threatening behavior, inappropriate behavior including but not limited to sexual advances, video recordings during services, verbal abuse or acts of violence whether on the phone or while on our property against our staff, clients, visitors or others, will NOT be tolerated. Violators of this policy will lead to disciplinary action, dismissal, and criminal prosecution as appropriate.   CLICK HERE for more information.


As a professional establishment, and Business owners, we reserve the right to refuse service or turn away a customer to protect our staff, patrons and business. For example, “no shirt, no shoes, no service” and other dress codes that include but are not limited to, are not acceptable. 

All jewellery, metal, sharp and non-medical items and/or devices need to be removed.  Any garments including face-coverings (other than a medical mask), that potentially could interfere with the service, be hazardous to staff or could potentially damage the equipment and furniture are strictly forbidden. These types of garments may also impede the delivery of treatment or possibly cause damage/injury to you as the patient, and/or staff or other guests. 


In accordance to the CMTBC's "Boundaries Standard of Practice," section 22. 'an RMT only un-drapes the area of the patient’s body where treatment is delivered'.  This policy also applies for non-Registered massage and all other services and/or treatments provided by our staff.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your massage so that you can easily take off and put back on. It is expected that you will leave your undergarments on during your treatment or service, unless otherwise instructed by your Therapist. 


When you arrive, please be mindful of our other guests who are in treatment.  Please speak softly, and turn off your devices.  We invite you to take this time to fully unplug and begin your experience with us in a state of inner stillness and relaxation. Embrace it.


All our guests have the right to privacy and quiet enjoyment.  We require that ALL electronic devices are TURNED OFF and stored in clothing, bags or outer wear.  It is forbidden and a privacy violation to record by video, audio or take photos during your treatment without the consent of the Therapist and/or Business Owner. 


Our staff are all self-employed and our livelihood is based on billable services.  If a guest arrives while feeling sick, this can put us all at risk and impact our ability to work.  If you are feeling unwell, please....stay home, and call us as soon as possible.  We ask for 24 hour notice by phone, so we can contact those who are on our waitlist to fill your spot.  


We take great pride in making sure our environment is spotlessly clean. Fragrances including cigarette smoke & alcohol fumes can trigger those with sensitivities, asthma, allergies and other medical conditions making their visit uncomfortable.  These may also affect our staff so they are unable to perform the services booked.  We ask for your consideration towards others who may have these intolerances during your visit.  Respectfully, please take a shower prior to arriving for any services including but not limited to Massage treatments.


When you book your appointment, (whether on-line, over the phone or in person) we will require your contact information, email, phone number and in some cases, a Credit Card to complete the booking reservation.  This information is kept strictly confidential & is for the sole purpose of reserving your booked time with us.  When you schedule your appointment with us online you are agreeing to these Terms of Service.


After you've booked your appointment, our system will automatically send you confirmations and reminders. You will also receive Intake Forms are completely confidential and are for your benefit.  Please complete them honestly to ensure a positive experience for both you and your Therapist.  It is best if these forms are completed prior to arriving for your scheduled appointment.  If you are unable to access the digital forms, we ask that you contact us so we can resend them to you or arrive a few minutes early to manually complete these forms so it doesn't impact your time booked with us.


Your appointment time is reserved especially for you. If you arrive late, your experience may be altered, or your treatment may be modified to fit the available time remaining in consideration of the next guest.  Please plan your commute accordingly so you arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.  There is plenty of street parking and a public City lot located in the alley behind our building.  Please do not park in the residential spots directly behind our building as those are for private use only.


We value your business and ask that you respect our Policies.  Should you need to cancel or reschedule, we require notice BY PHONE ONLY (or contact your Therapist directly as agreed with them) at least 24 hours in advance so those who are on our Waitlist have ample time to accept or decline any last minute appointment openings.  


Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a cancellation fee that could amount the cost of the booked treatment or service(s).  CLICK HERE for more information.


If you can't find a time that works for you, our Waitlist program has helped many customers grab those unexpected cancellations.  We try to give as much notice as possible but sometimes cancellations happen at the last minute. Those on the waitlist will be contacted on a first come first serve basis either by email, text or by phone.


Any Gift Certificates/Vouchers whether purchased online, over the phone, or in person are non-refundable and can not be redeemed for cash.  For regular Gift Certificates, Gift Vouchers, or pre-paid appointments, any balance remaining will be stored on the client profile.  Our Gift Certificates/Vouchers never expire.


For any promotional Gift Certificate/Voucher purchased in store or over the phone during December 2023, the Terms of redemption are for Spa Services and/or Retail purchases. These promotional Gift Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers or discounts and can NOT be redeemed for RMT treatments.


We are all fond of children & our furry companions.  Our objective is to provide all our guests with a relaxing & quiet experience as our space is small and cozy.  We kindly request that you do not bring children or pets to your appointment as they may unintentionally disrupt the other guests in treatments.  (Service Animals (except Emotional Support Animals) with official 'service animal vests' are allowed to enter.)


Due to health regulations, we can not provide you with a space to consume your meals.  We ask that you DO NOT bring your lunch, snacks or other food items into our tranquil space. Please enjoy your meals before or after your booked appointment outside of our establishment. 

Urban Bliss Wellness Spa reserves the right to revoke any offer appearing on the Website, to refuse or cancel any reservation, and to correct any mistake, inaccuracy, or omission on the Website, and to do so at any time without notice, even after a reservation has been submitted and even if the reservation has been confirmed and/or your credit card has been debited. If your credit card has been debited and your reservation is cancelled, Urban Bliss Wellness Spa will reimburse the full amount debited, via the original payment method or by e-transfer or applied as a credit to your account for future use.

Prices and Services subject to change without notice.
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