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 Cancellation & No Show Policy 

Reserving Appointments

Just like your doctor or dentist, when you book an appointment, that time is set aside especially for you. 

Any appointment changes within the customary 24 hour period and/or if you do not arrive for your appointment, prevents us from accommodating other clients who are waiting to get in.  Please understand that our Therapists are all self-employed and only get paid when they deliver a service.  Cancellations with less than

24 hours notice are subject to fees that could result in the total cost of your booked service(s). 

Below are some helpful tips on how to avoid these fees.

Appointment Reminders

The Reminders are a courtesy service.  If you opt ​out ​of receiving reminders by text or email, this doesn't waive the client's obligation to remember to come to their appointments and applicable fees may apply.  Our booking systems will send several automated reminders through email and/or text in plenty of time for you to call and cancel or reschedule.   

I've emailed you my cancellation, why do I also have to call?

Like many small businesses, finding reliable staff has become a challenge.  There are days when we do not have a Receptionist on duty.  If you email us, the auto response message will provide links for commonly asked questions. 

We do appreciate your patience and will do our best to attend to your requests as quickly as possible. 

Why do I need to provide 24 hour notice?

When we don't receive 24 hour notice by phone, a number of things need to be done such as:   

  • Contact your Therapist before their commute to work

  • Adjust the Receptionist's schedule

  • Remove your booking to open this time for other guests

  • Attempt to fill the gap in the Therapist's schedule

  • Call customers on the waitlist

  • Compress or move appointments around to accommodate other clients wanting to book in

  • Create marketing announcements for last minute appointment openings on Social Media and other advertising platforms

  • Update hours of operation in Google


What happens if I don't provide 24 hour notice?

Our policy is in place to help you avoid fees. As mentioned above, the services you book with us, involve planning and preparation and the time you reserved will not be bookable by someone else.  When 24 hour notice is not provided, this ultimately leaves a gap in the therapist schedule but also disappoints our other guests who would have filled the gap had they received enough notice. 

How can I pay for my missed Spa appointment?

We accept Visa or Mastercard or you can pay for your missed appointment by e-transfer to:


We thank you for respecting our cancellation policy.

When you schedule your appointment with us online you are agreeing to the Terms of Service. Our Cancellation Policy for missed Spa appointments are on an honor system as the Spa Timely booking system doesn't have the option to keep payment information on file. 


Any first time RMT clients, are required to provide a Credit Card to reserve their appointment in the JANEAPP booking system.  All payment information is kept secure and confidential.  Missed RMT massage appointments are subject to cancellation fees and are not eligible for insurance compensation.  

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