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Micro-blading & Cosmetic Tattooing

Due to limited spaces available, please CALL TO BOOK 778-398-2000


Semi-Permanent Makeup, also known as micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing, is a method of inserting small amounts of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in order to enhance facial features such as eyebrows & eyes. It helps to replenish what time has taken away, gives back precious time you normally spend “putting on your face". It is also helpful to those who are allergic to conventional cosmetics, those with visual impairment, watery eyes, and those with unsteady or arthritic hands that have difficulty applying makeup.


Whether correcting uneven brows, creating a thicker or designing brows, this technique embeds crisp, fine hair strokes that look just like real hairs with a "Microblade". This treatment has been known to last 1-4 years. Giving you youthful, face-framing brows with a wide selection of colors to choose from, you will enjoy the results for years to come.  


For eyeliner, a precision machine will implant a liner along the lash line, giving your eyelashes a fuller look, framing your beautiful eyes without any worry about smudging, smeared or raccoon eyes.

Once you've booked your appointment we begin with a consultation where we agree on a design and color choice for you. Once the design is complete, the tattooing procedure begins with applying a high-grade numbing cream. After about 25 minutes, the tattooing will begin. Disposable cartridges or microblades are used. It is a comfortable and sophisticated delivery of semipermanent makeup to enhance one's natural features. 


Aftercare Instructions will be provided along with a complimentary ointment for you to use at home. 

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