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Hands & Feet

"You are unique, and so are our services.  You won't find pedicures done like this anywhere else."

Exceptional Professional treatments which focus on health & wellness for both hands and feet. We provide a high standard of safe, attention-to-detail treatments with high-end products that can not be compared. Using hospital-grade sanitization methods, you will leave with a 'peace of mind' and long-lasting results you will be delighted with for weeks.

As a "Wellness-Spa" we DO NOT offer Shellac or Gel nail services.

Please have your artificial nails removed prior to arriving for your appointment, as we do not have

the supplies to remove them for you.  Thank you.


Bliss Spa Manicure

To begin your Manicure treatment, slide your hands into bubbly, warm water, with lightly scented California Mango cleansing gel and botanical essential oils.  Next the nails are cut, filed, shaped and buffed to a smooth finish. Organic cuticle cream is applied to soften cuticles then pushed and trimmed to detail, followed by a professional hand massage using an extreme moisturizing butter for maximum softness and hydration.  Our tried and tested, long-lasting, durable top coat will protect your nail lacquer for up to 7 days if not longer.

Without OPI Polish: $40 / 45 min

With OPI Polish: $45 / 60 min

Bliss Spa Pedicure

Submerge your tired feet into a perfect temperature footbath with disposable liner and refreshing botanical herbal concentrate from Germany.  Following the soak, we will transfer you to a comfortable reclining therapeutic table where your Esthetician will prepare your nails for cutting, filing and buffing.  Using a dremel tool, the rough skin on your feet will be softened to feel like a baby's! Nails are buffed, cuticles are pushed and groomed to perfection.

Your feet will then be wrapped in hot towels while you recline back, take a deep breath and prepare for a relaxing foot massage using an organic, lightly scented citrusy professional hydrating cream.  If you choose to have your nails painted, don't forget your flip flops!

Without OPI Nail Polish$75 / 75 min

With OPI Nail Polish: $85 / 90 min

manicure pedicure

Bliss Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Enjoy a full attention-to-detail spa manicure and pedicure plus a revitalizing and relaxing hand & foot massage. Your nails will feel healthy and happy with results that will last! 

Your choice of OPI color polish included!  

Don't forget your flip-flops. 

OPI Polish included

2 1/2 hours / $120


Footlogix Medi-Pedicure

Footlogix Pediceautical products and advanced techniques are incorporated to give you relief and results. If you suffer from uncomfortable ingrown nails, painful cracked heels, corns, calluses or nail disorders, this treatment will leave the feet feeling and looking refreshed. Appropriate techniques are used with Diabetic and Senior clients. When needed, recommendations for homecare products or a referral to a Podiatrist may be offered.  

OPI Polish NOT Included

75 minutes / $90*

*depending on the severity of foot conditions, price may vary

Who can benefit from this: for those with diabetes or arthritis, athletes, runners, or for people who are on their feet all day.

(Certified Master Pedicurist (CMP) designation from North American School of Podology.) 

Reflexology Therapy

Relaxing Foot Reflexology

An ancient healing therapy, that is as blissful as it is beneficial! 

This Foot Reflexology treatment uses techniques & stimulation to promote relaxation, reduce stress & tension.  Reflexology facilitates the body to function more efficiently, cleanse itself of toxins and assist with the body's own natural healing process.  The recipient's experience at the end of a session is frequently that of feeling very relaxed although on occasion, some may feel more energized. This treatment includes an herbal foot soak & hydrating foot massage.  

**ALERT: If you are pregnant, please make sure you are in your 3rd trimester before booking this appointment - thank you.

60 minutes / $80

Signature Pedi-lexology

A truly decadent attention-to-detail tootsie service with the wellness benefits of reflexology & hydrating foot massage. Enjoy a healthy full-service pedicure along with a holistically delightful treat of reflexology! We include your choice of OPI color polish.  

Don't forget your flip-flops. 

OPI Polish Included

90 minutes / $95


Quick & Add-on Services

Nail Trim & File + Herbal foot soak

Polish removal & application

Add-on Services:

Add-on OPI color nail polish
Add-on French polish

Add-on Salt Scrub

Add-on Polish removal

Add-on Corn removal

Add-on Ingrown nails








Please note that these "Add-on" services are offered as an upgrade to our regular priced treatments.

Each of our Spa Team Estheticians have over 20+ years experience and provide exceptional services to achieve the results you deserve. Using only the highest quality products, incorporating and customizing them during your treatment.  All implements prior to use are disinfected in hospital-grade CS20 sanitization formula.  Other supplies are one-time use only and disposable.  We will analyse and use our advanced techniques to address the needs of your hands and/or feet and make recommendations by offering

helpful tips for your homecare or when necessary, refer you to a Podiatrist.

Some consider this a treat but as trained professionals, our #1 concern is your safety, health and wellness always.

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