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Foot Care

Footlogix Footcare

cracked heels_edited.jpg

Cracked Heels Formula


peeling skin_edited.jpg

Peeling Skin Formula


daily maintanence_edited.jpg

Daily Maintenance Formula


very dry skin_edited.png

Very Dry skin Formula


Foot Deodorant.JPG

Foot Deodorant


rough skin_edited.jpg

Rough Skin Formula


DD Cream.JPG
Footlogix ultimate home combo.JPG
nail tincture_edited.png

Footlogix Homecare Kit

Footlogix Nail Tincture

DD Cream




GEHWOL Footcare

gehwol bleu_edited.jpg



balance foot cream.JPG

GEHWOL Balance Foot Cream


CND Nail Care

photo rescuerxx.JPG

Rescue RXx

Daily Keratin Treatment


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