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Our Bio-Therapeutic technology combined with techniques, and professionally formulated products, will ensure that you get the best possible results. Our Skincare specialists are dedicated to providing you with an elevated experience, resulting in glowing, healthy skin. 

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"the nano-needling system"

Nano needling is a state-of-the-art pen-like device with a removable cartridge that oscillates on the complexion, engaging the skin and encouraging its natural healing response. The device essentially stimulates “cellular turnover” which forces the skin to rejuvenate for that immediate glow while adding plumpness to the skin.  We will incorporate this technology during your selected

BT NANO Titan Facial treatment. 


It is safe for all skin types and conditions. Nano needling is a non-invasive treatment which only affects the top layer of the skin using tiny silicone pins promoting deeper penetration of active ingredients for long lasting anti aging results. See your beautiful skin emerge!


  • Treats upper layers of the epidermis

  • Plumped, youthful skin

  • Improve functions such as collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycan synthesis

  • increase blood circulation for profound results on skin texture, luminosity and hydration.

  • Transdermal delivery system

  • Stimulates Nanochannels for increase effectiveness of serums

  • No numbing, downtime, or pain

  • Microscopic silicon needles 1/3 thickness of hair

  • Needle depth 0.15mm

  • Treatment frequently, weekly, biweekly & monthly.


 90m |  $195

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BT-Advanced Facials

For those wanting to take the 'next step' from our ProSkin Treatment offerings, we invite you to try our BT-Advanced Facials. 


These 75 minute facials include Bio-Therapeutic Micro technology.  What's different is all these facials are performed with advanced Bio-Therapeutic skin care products that are carefully selected to work in combination with our professional Dermalogica skin care line.  Working together, the outcome provides optimum, beautiful results. 

BT-Advanced Facials | $165

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Ideal for helping to restore balance to chronically dry skin, this treatment includes an anatomically optimized sheet mask formulated with a blend of calming botanicals and “resurrection” hydrators for a rapid moisture infusion. Powerhouse Indian Gooseberry provides broad spectrum antioxidant protection, while hydrating Glutamic Acid and nourishing

Vitamin E  restores critical hydration and reduced moisture loss. Calming licorice and asiaticoside from centella asiatica help to soothe stressed skin and support recovery.

*Excellent choice for all skin types including sensitive.


This reparative, anatomically optimized sheet mask is fortified with collagen, elastin and phytosterols to help increase moisture and restore tone, while helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and the signs of premature aging. Antioxidant licorice and Indian Gooseberry (also called amla in traditional ayurveda), are packed with free radical scavenging flavonoids and help to restore luminous resilience to the skin.

*Recommended for all skin types especially mature skin.

mature skin model 1
Beauty Model


This multitasking masque helps to brighten uneven skin tone, while it restores critical moisture to the skin. Licorice and niacin help with luminosity, while the amino acid arginine and Indian gooseberry scavenge the free radicals that can lead to a mottled appearance. Oat peptides help calm stressed skin, while hyaluronic and glutamic acids enhance elastin to boost tone and increase healthy moisture levels.

BT is an acronym and © for Bio-Therapeutic, a minority owned, family company based in Seattle, Washington. This additional technology works towards promoting 'healthy' skin results on a deeper level during your facial treatment.

Working together with Dermalogica, your skin will be revived and feel it's ultimate best with these

complete & targeted professional skin care treatments. 

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