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Welcome to Urban Bliss Wellness Spa

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Urban Bliss Wellness Spa started out in 2004 influenced by the Health and Wellness industry.  Clara integrated her knowledge as a Reflexologist with Spa Treatments and throughout the years, her reputation to provide exceptional services reached a growing community of loyal clientele.  Her dream was to eventually operate a boutique wellness spa which came into fruition in 2017.


Since then, Urban Bliss has attracted a like-minded, dynamic Team who share their mutual passion for the Art and Science of providing therapeutic treatments, holistic and spa services.  With only 2 treatment rooms, this charming small space gives our guests an opportunity to unplug and begin a much needed wellness and self care journey as calmness welcomes you the moment you step inside.

New to Urban Bliss? 
Occasionally our Receptionist may be off duty when you arrive for your booked appointment.  If you find the door is locked, please wait patiently as we are in session with our current guest. 

Prior to booking, please review our TERMS of SERVICE, LEGAL TERMS and CANCELLATION POLICY (below) to ensure a positive experience for everyone. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.
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