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Urban Bliss Wellness Spa is a charming, full-service wellness spa located in the heart of Sapperton, New Westminster, within walking distance to the Royal Columbian Hospital.  


We offer Registered Massage Therapy, Holistic Treatments & Spa Services in a peaceful boutique setting. Whether healing from a sports injury, preparing for an upcoming event or battling the daily stresses of life, begin your selfcare journey in a setting where calmness welcomes you the moment you step inside.


Please visit our Terms of Service where a list is in place to ensure the comfort and privacy of all guests.

As we are all self employed, we welcome our guests to 'book by appointment'.


Currently, we are closed on Sundays.

New to Urban Bliss? 
As a small, locally run business we do our very best to provide you with excellent customer service but there may times our front desk receptionist may not be available to greet you. 

If you find that the front door is locked, it is for the safety of those inside.  If you have a booked appointment, we ask that you wait patiently until we are able to unlock the door.  Thank you.
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