The Guy Stuff Kit

1 x 80ml Beard Oil

This beard oil leaves your beard smelling and feeling great. Rub a few drops into your beard daily to heal and repair your beard. The Guy Stuff Beard oil helps keep the beard soft, healthy looking and smelling fresh. It heals dry, flaky skin and prevents beard-dandruff.

1 x 120ml Moisturizer

Thanks to glycerin and unrefined Shea Butter,

this hand cream quenches dehydrated or damaged skin. Use daily to help maintain the skin’s moisture balance and

lock in skin-quenching hydration. Absorbs instantly with a

non-greasy feeling.

1 x 60ml Beard Balm

Beard balm will provide a light hold and can help bring together and control the most unruly of Man beards and yet still maintain your natural look. It provides more and longer lasting control through the addition of natural butters and waxes.

1 x Bar Soap

This Coconut Oil bar is a natural bar soap made with pure coconut oil. It provides gentle and effective cleaning, has a quick lather and rinses freely leaving the skin clean and soft. May be used as a shampoo bar as well as on the body.