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Stanley Park

Designed just for You

Spoil yourself or someone special with one of our many packages created exclusively for your utmost relaxation and pampering, or just because.  Our packages are designed with a holistic approach to wellness by our in-house, expert Team.  Browse around at everything we offer for a perfect way to indulge in something that's good for you too!   Gift Certificates available. 

Mother and Son

Busy Lifestyle Package

A little bit of everything in this package for those who are 'on the move'!  Enjoy an Under Arm Wax, Bikini Wax, Mini-Manicure & Mini Pedicure. Included is your choice of OPI color lacquer for that pop of color!  $130 / 1h 15m

Relaxing in Pool

Get-Away Spa Package

This pre-vacation package has everything you need for that final step before you unplug.  Included:  Full Spa Pedicure with choice of OPI color nail polish, Lower Leg and Bikini Wax.  Healthy feet and smooth, silky hair-free skin for weeks.  $150 / 2h

Head Massage

Head-to-Toe Glow Package

Drift away with this combination of our most popular services.  Includes:  Full Spa Pedicure with OPI color nail polish plus our Vitamin C infused 45 minute customized Facial Treatment will make you glow from 'head to toe'.   $195  / 2h 15m

woman in towel

Mellow Out Package

Take a deep breath and begin your journey of releasing stress and tension with this combination of wellness treatments. Close your eyes and enjoy a 1 hour Reflexology Treatment and a 45 minute customized Facial Treatment while feeling the world drift away.   $170 / 1h 45m


Selfcare Glow Package

It's time for some much needed selfcare.  Decompress from your busy week and  enjoy a 45min Relaxation Massage paired with a ProSkin30 Facial.  You'll feel rejuvenated and refreshed all at the same time!    $140 / 1h 15m

Reiki Treatment

Relax & Let Go Package

These are  2 of our most popular selfcare treatments.   Let our 1 hour Relaxation Massage and a customized 45 minute Facial Treatment provide you with the overall relaxation and skincare benefits .   Feel your muscles relax while enjoying some that much needed tranquility.    $190 / 1h 45m

Check out our NEW Holistic Reflexology packages and  introductory offers!
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