Welcome and thanks for taking the time to read our etiquette page.  The Bliss Team therapists are all self-employed and we do our very best in making sure your treatments are delivered with the greatest care, expertise and passion. 


In order to ensure a positive experience for all guests, please be mindful of the following spa etiquette:

Show up on time:  Your appointment time has been set aside especially for you, so please be there on time or even a few minutes early. If you arrive late, your experience may be altered or your service/treatment will be adjusted to fit the available time in consideration of the next client.

Food Consumption & bringing food to your Appointment:  Please DO NOT bring your lunch, snacks or other food items into our tranquil space.  Due to health regulations, we can not offer you a space where you can consume your meals.  We ask that you eat before arriving to your appointment.

Cancellation:  Inform yourself of the policies in effect for no show/missed appointments or last minute cancellations, especially if you have left a credit card number to confirm your appointment. We are happy to explain our policies, but make sure you understand fully what will occur. If you really need to reschedule please give as much notice as possible by phone only, to avoid incurring fees or charges.  Please note that most of our staff have to travel from outside the Lower Mainland to arrive for their booked appointments for the day.  

Children Policy: 

Our Wellness Spa is an environment of peace and tranquility.  Therefore we kindly request that you do not bring children to your appointment We are a small space where other guests may be receiving Massage Therapy or Relaxation Services.  We do not have a facility to offer child minding services.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Canceling Your Appointment: Most service oriented businesses have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Your therapist may come in to work just for you, and if you don't arrive for your appointment or cancel in time, this can leave a hole in the Therapists schedule which could have been filled with another guest on our waitlist.  If you left a credit card number during your booking, you may be charged if you do not call us in time to cancel your appointment.  If you know you're not going to make your appointment,  we are happy to reschedule to a time that works better.  Either way, please call us as soon as possible so we have time to contact those who are on our waitlist.  Emails or Texts are not acceptable forms of cancellation only because we may not see your message in time.

Intake Form Completion: Our Therapists have spent years in training to provide services and treatments to their clients that will not cause them harm. They will ask you to complete a private questionnaire that assists them to ensure that any services you will receive will not negatively or dangerously impact existing health conditions, medication or other circumstances, known only to you. These Intake Forms are confidential and for your specific benefit, so please complete these honestly to ensure a positive experience for both you and your Therapist.

Courtesy and Respect:  Always turn off your cell phone or other electronics and leave them off while in you are visiting us. This courtesy results in no electronic interruption or distraction for you or our other Guests in treatment.  Quiet conversation is acceptable in most areas unless otherwise indicated.

Zero Tolerance Policy:  The safety of our Bliss Team, clients, and visitors is taken very seriously at Urban Bliss. Any threats, threatening behavior, verbal abuse or acts of violence whether on the phone or while on our property against employees, clients, visitors or others conducting business or receiving services at Urban Bliss will NOT be tolerated. Violators of this policy will lead to disciplinary action, dismissal, and criminal prosecution as appropriate.

Scent-free Zone:  Urban Bliss takes great pride in making sure our environment is spotlessly clean.   Fragrances including cigarette smoke & alcohol fumes can make some people sick, trigger those with sensitivities, asthma, allergies and other medical conditions making their visit uncomfortable or effect our Bliss Team staff so they are unable to perform the services you booked in for.  We ask for your cooperation and understanding towards those who are have these intolerance's' while visiting us.

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24 hour notice is required BY PHONE ONLY

Please NO EMAIL/OR TEXT; we may not receive your message in time to process your request.

The appointment time you booked is reserved just for you.   We appreciate you arriving a few minutes before your appointment.   A late arrival or missed appointment leaves a hole in our schedule that could have been filled by another guest.  Please note that cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment may be subject to a cancellation fee.  Missed appointments will be charged at the full cost of your booked treatment(s).  

If you have received an Urban Bliss Gift Card or Certificate this same policies apply.

Please refer to our Etiquette page for full details.